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About teeth whitening

Learn about the cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening from people who know it best! Express White offers a professional tooth whitening products as well as a wide range of tools for use in the home according to your needs.

Your smile is important. This is the first thing to notice around when they meet with you. Bright and snow-white smile can help you feel better and leave a lasting impression.

Unfortunately, there are many factors adversely affect the condition of tooth enamel and staining of teeth. No matter how often you clean them with products such as coffee, tea, red wine, colas, tobacco, and even orange juice, will slowly but surely penetrate into the pores of the enamel making your teeth yellow. Typically, this occurs very slowly, you may not notice these changes until they become quite large or until someone tells you about it.

Fortunately, modern science and technology have reached such a level that you (just an hour!) Can return a few years or even decades of painting. You are free to whiten teeth at home or do it with the help of professionals.

Whitening at home

You can whiten your teeth yourself using our line of products for whitening at home. It will be much cheaper than professional treatment, but these products provide excellent results. The biggest drawback of the majority of tooth whitening at home is that they tend to work slowly, which means that they need to use every day for a week or two. Some of these products, especially whitening strips tend to increase the sensitivity of the teeth, most people, and they stop using them.

Having a set of teeth whitening at home, make sure that in the latter part of remineraliziruyuschy / desensitizing gel for preventing or reducing sensitivity. Our proposed Deluxe Home Whitening Kit gives a noticeable effect after two days of use and amazing results in less than five days. This is our most popular product for home bleaching, the set includes remineraliziruyuschy gel and the LED light source. The only product that allows you to whiten your teeth at home for just an hour, a Teeth Whitening Headset. This is achieved using a strong and rapid gel as well as a strong blue LED light, which accelerates the whitening process.

Express White suggests, as a professional tooth whitening products as well as a large selection of products for home use in accordance with your needs.

Professional teeth whitening

This cosmetic procedure should be carried out by trained specialists. Optimal performance of professional whitening procedure involves the use of bleaching agents (strong, effective whitening gel) and the corresponding bleaching accelerator. The most secure and convenient whitening accelerator is a LED laser that emits a cold blue light with a wavelength of about 465 nanometers. This light is perfect for the activation of the gel and speeds up the whitening process. Technology Express White, based on the application developed by experts of the company effective whitening gel and the perfect lamp, the dental industry is recognized as the most effective for whitening teeth. Thus, we have found an effective professional approach to solving your problem.



Our proposed whitening procedure is very simple. A gel containing hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the tooth surface. A cold blue light source is placed directly in front of the teeth bared, acts within 15-20 minutes per treatment. As a rule, we hold them to 2-3. Naturally, the three treatments give the best results.


Most people will get impressive results from the use of our products. Research shows that 99% of people are very satisfied with the results they have achieved through the use of our system. Only in some cases, we can not fully meet the expectations of our customers. This is explained by the fact that the teeth of some people really can not be bleached at all (for example, if the teeth were stained with the antibiotic, tetracycline, or as a result of dental fluorosis).

Professionally you can whiten your teeth in our centers of teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening