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1. How long does the procedure work?

Answer: The procedure takes about an hour, sometimes a little less then.

2. How white will my teeth?

Answer: There are many options. The procedure of teeth whitening will not make your teeth white, but will make them whiter. How much whiter? It really depends on several factors, including the cause of discoloration of the teeth, nature, painting, how well your enamel responds to the gel, the type and intensity of use of the gel and the number of procedures performed. However, your teeth can be bleached only to their natural color, which varies greatly from person to person. Most people (99%!) Get impressive results from using our system, while a few are only partially improve the color of the enamel of their teeth. Improved from 7-12 shades is the norm when using our system.

3. Can all teeth be bleached?

Answer: Although most of the natural teeth can be bleached, yet there are some exceptions. Unfortunately, only the natural (natural) teeth can be bleached to a large extent. Protective caps, crowns, veneers, etc. sometimes may be a slight beneficial impact during the procedure, teeth whitening, in some cases they can take your original color. People who have stains on teeth caused by the antibiotic tetracycline or fluorosis do not get the desired effect, but as a rule, even slight improvements mean a lot to them. In general, the more yellow on your teeth, the easier they are susceptible to bleaching, and more noticeable results you get.

4. How long will the whitening effect produced?

A: The effect persists typically 6 months to 2 years. The result - an individual case, and for everyone it depends on lifestyle. The more you consume beverages and food coloring or the more you smoke, the more likely to be lost, the effect of the procedure. Another factor is the porosity of your teeth. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine this property, but a large number of pores will contribute to the rapid appearance of new spots.

5. What is allowed to eat and drink after the procedure?

Answer: It's called "White Diet" ("Colorless diet"). After the procedure, you should not smoke, eat or drink anything except water for 1 hour. In the next 24 hours (preferably 48, if possible) to refrain from drinking beverages, staining the teeth (coffee, red wine, tea, colas, tobacco, and even citrus juices). We have developed a set of recommendations as to do without the use of these drinks, if you really want to fix the result. A complete set of guidance for further dental care is provided at the end of the procedure.

6. Can I do something to ensure lasting results?

Answer: It is recommended to continue to apply the gel on your teeth at home daily for 7 days after the procedure to prevent possible "color Regression", meaning that a color may appear on the teeth of some people earlier than we would like. Keep in mind that some types of bleaching are based on dehydration, which have their teeth during the treatment, so some shades of hydration of the teeth may appear again (but not all, just some).

During processing, the pores of tooth enamel are opened and remain open for at least 24 hours after the procedure. If you open the pores of you will continue to apply the whitening gel, even having a lower concentration, oxygen molecules will penetrate into the dentin layer, where there is a deep bleaching, which provides a high duration of the outcome of the procedure. Most appropriate in this case, we believe the use of pen applicator, but some people have to use at home to choose a set of kapami.

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